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Electric Kuru - Zugunruhe

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Linocut cover, custom packaging design.
Only 77 copies available.

Zugunruhe is a German compound word consisting of Zug (migration) and Unruhe (anxiety). In ethology it describes anxious behavior in migratory animals, especially in birds during the normal migration period. Zugunruhe involves increased activity towards and after dusk with changes in the normal sleep pattern.
In this record, Electric KURU approach to the trip as a life experience. People as birds are moving around, exploring the world, migrating to survive, in a strong connection with the others, and in a deep harmony with the nature.

released June 27, 2016

Recorded in Kuru's practice room in January 2016 by Alessandro Baldo and Yarin Sassudelli.
Mixed and mastered by Alessandro Baldo, Yarin Sassudelli and Michael Pancher.

Electric Kuru are: Marco, Eros, Zeta, Dave, Pero and Seba.

Artwork: Alberto Brunello
Packaging: Woodslap

Released by: Non Piangere Dischi, diNotte Records