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Passed - Illuminant/Glory

10.00 / On Sale

Linocut cover, custom packaging design.
Only 77 copies available.

Illuminant/Glory is a wild awake, which marks the transition to a new perception of the self.
A solitary trip towards the discover of the feral nature which ideally leads to death (Illuminant) and to rebirth (Glory) of whom embarks on this trip. Through sampling in real time floor-tom, voice and synths, the listener is buried under layers of percussions, drones and mantras, dragged further down ("Come down with us") to exorcise the fear of what he is in nature.
Only confronting with death it's possibile to rebirth under a new soul, in a surreal dimension,
screaming and shouting the new conquer: “We stand upright/Our head above the heavens/Our feet below the hells”.

LP by Boring Machines: boringmachines.bandcamp.com/album/passed-illuminant-glory

released March 27, 2016

Master: Giuseppe Ielasi
Mix: Fudo Recording Studio

Artwork: Alberto Brunello
Packaging: Woodslap

Released by: Non Piangere Dischi, Boring Machines